Short Films

  Sorry for Your Loss   Extra Tartar Prods., Michael Merton (Dir.)
  Doria   Mofford Films, Eric Mofford (Dir.)
  P Sound   Mofford Films, Eric Mofford (Dir.)
  Next!   Extra Tartar Productions, Michael Merton (Dir.)
  Visiting Day   Extra Tartar Productions, Michael Merton (Dir.)
  The Krolodite Conflict   Extra Tartar Productions, Michael Merton (Dir.)


  101 Dalmatians:A Cruella Christmas   Disney Home Video
  Snow White and the Magical Mirror   Fred Wolf Films/UAV Home Video
  Young Pocahontas and John Smith   Fred Wolf Films/UAV Home Video

TV Live Action

  Postcards from Buster   WGBH Boston

TV Animation

  Superbook CBN
  The Zula Patrol PBS
  Brandy & Mr. Whiskers Disney TV Animation
  Katbot Disney TV Animation
  Pinky Dinky Doo Cartoon Pizza/Sesame Workshop
  Firehouse Tales Warner Brothers TV Animation
  Krypto the Superdog Warner Brothers TV Animation
  Tutenstein NBC/Discovery Kids
  Lilo & Stitch Disney TV Animation
  X-Men:Evolution Warner Brothers TV Animation/Marvel Entertainment
  Sitting Ducks Universal/Polygram
  The Legend of Tarzan Disney TV Animation
  Gadget & the Gadgetinis DIC Entertainment
  Woody Woodpecker Universal Cartoon Studios
  Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Disney TV Animation (Story Editor)
  Hercules Disney TV Animation (Story Editor)
  101 Dalmatians Disney TV Animation (Staff Writer)
  Casper Universal/Harvey Entertainment
  Santo Bugito Klasky-Csupo/CBS TV Animation
  Cave Kids Hanna-Barbera
  Dinobabies Fred Wolf Films (Story Editor)
  Problem Child Universal Cartoon Studios
  Big Babies Klasky-Csupo (Pilot Episode and Bible)
  The Land Before Time Universal Cartoon Studios
  Jay's Attic Robert Lawrence/Hippodrome Productions
  Look Back, Frankie Noir CBS TV Animation (Pilot Episode)
  Lazy Town Lazy Town Entertainment
  Family Tree Disney TV Animation (Pilot Episode and Bible)
  Freddy the Pig Fred Wolf Films (Pilot Episode)
  Little Monsters Saban Entertainment
  Dinobabies Fred Wolf Films


  1999 Emmy Nomination, Outstanding Animated Program, Disney's 101 Dalmatians
1998 Emmy Nomination, Outstanding Animated Program, Disney's 101 Dalmatians
1998 Prism Commendation, Entertainment Industries Council, Disney's 101 Dalmatians

Short Plays (One-Acts, Sketch Shows, and Monologues)

  Theatre Neo's Deep Tissue Comedy Release!
  I'll Be With You Shortly
  Bill's Synapse
  Last Words
  P Sound
  Visiting Day
  The Krolodite Conflict
  The Hit
  Those Bald Guys In Marketing
  A Few Questions
  The Audit
  A Little Story
  A Valued Customer
  Cabin Pressure
  Delicate Operation
  Final Arrangements
  In Closing
  Introduction to Charisma
  The Last Suit
  Tell Me Where It Hurts
  I'll Be Seeing You
  A Certain Statement
  Waiting for Borkin
  The Pickup
  Until Last Tuesday

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